Ecdysis accepts submissions in writing, visual & auditory art, and film from anyone in the Harvard academic community. Films and auditory works will appear online; all other submissions may appear in print or online.

Submit to the Spring 2019 Issue here!

See below for guidelines on completing the submission form:

Along with your piece, please submit a short description of the scientific concepts behind your artwork. The purpose of the description is to make your piece accessible to a general audience and communicate the scientific context of the piece and thus will be judged as a part of your submission. Think of this as an informational label that might accompany your artwork in a museum exhibit. Please keep descriptions between 50-250 words in length.

Please refer to past issues of Ecdysis for examples of the kinds of submissions and descriptions we are looking for.


We accept any medium of writing inspired by nature or science. We do not accept works that are purely academic (e.g. no research papers and abstracts), although creative manifestations of such work is highly encouraged.
Please send written work as a .doc attachment.

We accept photography, traditional, and digital mediums. Submissions representing research data are acceptable but should have a level of aesthetic quality that is especially unique or interesting. We also accept short animations (e.g. no longer than 10 minutes).
If your work is an image, please submit as a .png, .tiff, or .pdf. Please make sure your image is at least 200 dpi resolution.
If your work is an animation, please submit as an .mp4 or .wmv.

We accept all genres of music or other works in aesthetic sound that are related to science. Please upload your work to a site such as SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and share with us a link so we can access your submission.

We accept short films under 10 minutes in length. Please upload your film to YouTube/Vimeo, or share with us a link to access the video via Dropbox/Google Drive.