Sample Submission

Here is a sample submission (writing category) to Ecdysis:

Evolutionary biology, Lamont Library 12/20/15
by Rebecca Greenberg

The study of change.
The room itself
not quite the same.
Parasite backpacks
have gone, clinging
to bleary-eyed hosts.
The radiators whir
their mating calls.
Textbook images
congeal on the desk.
I look up
– where are the lamps –
the circuits underneath
have pushed
fruiting bodies about the room,
and beside me:
below the desk, my foot
lies enlaced in their filaments.

The study of change,
of an egg at the edge of a leaf,
to creatures
with skeletons outside,
We look for the cracks
to start the peel, body warm inside,

Sample Description:
I wrote this poem as I was studying for my OEB 10 exam. Like most normal people, I used to be freaked out by bugs and fungi. But then I learned that (many) fungi can penetrate virtually anything due to the thinness of their filaments, which have a circumference that’s 10-50x thinner than that of a human hair. And that arthropods grow by literally making themselves a new skeleton (we are less lucky; our constraints are internal and, once grown, pretty permanent- the only option we have when we feel too tight is to go buy ourselves new pants, which is not usually a cause for celebration). With OEB 10, I got to know bugs and fungi, and I admire them. This poem is essentially a record of this turning point.

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